Sporting Achievements at Thorn Grove

Hello everyone,
I often receive letters and reports from children on the wonderful sporting achievements they do outside of school. In recognition of these proud moments, I have created a Thorn Grove Sporting achievements page .
 If your child has received an award, won a completion or taken part in a sporting event, please  let me know.
 I would like the children to write a few lines about their achievement, or send in a picture of the news article, and a photograph  to support the text.
I look forward to posting many things on our board !
 Mrs Cooper (school sports co-ordinator)

Our School Role of Honour

Swimathon 2018 Report by Evie-May and charlie Thornewill April 2018


On Saturday the 28th of April me my brother, my mum,my dad and most of my mums side of the family competed in the 2018 Swimathon.

This was a sponsored event and we raised two-hundred pounds for our chosen charity, which was Cancer Research UK.

We participated in the Swimathon in memory of members of our family who have died of cancer.

Me and my brother combined our month’s pocket money and our parents helped too, to help let us donate 20 pounds of our own money to Cancer Research UK.

We enjoyed this experience and hope to participate again next year.