Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher Mr Peter Luck                                                            

Deputy Headteacher Mrs Jayne Lilley

SENCo Mrs Natalie Bowen


Headteacher's PA/Office Manager/Finance Miss Fox

Admin Assistant Mrs Scott  Clerical Assistant Mrs Baulsom

Nursery-Teacher Mrs Jess                                                    

Nursery Nurse Mrs Camp

Reception Teachers  Mrs Gavin (Mon & Tues)  Mrs Redford (Wed, Thurs & Fri)

Teaching Assistants Mrs Lesley & Mrs Camp

Year 1 Teacher Mrs Smith                                             

Teaching Assistants Mrs Schmiedecke & Mrs Raphy

Year 2  Teacher Miss Brett                                                         

Teaching Assistants Mrs Bindley  

Cover Supervisor Mrs Canavan


Year 3 Teacher Mr Mistry                                                               

Teaching Assistants Mrs Pink   LSA Mrs Ford & Mrs Orphanou
Cover Supervisor Mrs Canavan


Year 4 Teachers Mrs Cooper & Mrs Turner              

Teaching Assistants Mrs Cannon & Mrs Kyle 

Year 5 Teacher Mrs Hughes             

Teaching Assistants Mrs Cleaver, Mrs Tatchell LSA Mrs Saville, Mrs Wright & Mrs Ballard

Year 6 Teacher Mrs Khan                        

Teaching Assistants-Mrs Richey & Mrs Allison
Cover Supervisor Mrs Canavan

Inclusion-Mrs Thornewill (SENCO) & Mrs Richey 

Premises-Premises Manager Mrs Graham & Cleaners Mrs Falconer & Mrs Camp

Midday Supervisors-Mrs Monk & Mrs Chivers

Midday Assistants-Mrs Eddy/Mrs Lesley/Mrs Thurley/Mrs Hudson/Mrs Martin/Mrs Hale

Sunrisers Breakfast Club-Mrs Wood (Manager), Mrs Harper
Sunsetters After School Club-Mrs Woods (Manager), Mrs Harper & Mrs Laws

Music Teachers-Violin Clare Edwardson Piano Robin Merwood

HCL kitchen Staff-Cook Leah Baker Kitchen Assistant Maria-Angeles Franco-Arroya & Jade Lucas

School Therapist/Counsellor-Heather Chapman

School Nurse-Herts & Essex Hospital School Nursing Team

Education Welfare Officer-Chris Hall

Educational Psychologist-Katy Cole

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