Sporting Achievements at Thorn Grove

Hello everyone,
I often receive letters and reports from children on the wonderful sporting achievements they do outside of school. In recognition of these proud moments, I have created a Thorn Grove Sporting achievements page .
 If your child has received an award, won a completion or taken part in a sporting event, please  let me know.
 I would like the children to write a few lines about their achievement, or send in a picture of the news article, and a photograph  to support the text.
I look forward to posting many things on our board.
 Mrs Cooper (school sports co-ordinator)

Our School Role of Honour.

William Lumby Year 5

Since this article, William has also been awarded the manager's player of the year. Well done William.

Ayla Guirey Year 4 

During the May half term, I attended my first Junior Pony Camp, at Gibson's Farm, Hatfield Heath.  This was organised by Essex Hunt North Pony Club, which I recently joined.
I have only been riding for 6 months, having weekly lessons, and helping out at the stables next door.
It was a 3 day event, and it rained every day which made it tougher to ride.
I won Tack & Turn out, I came third in Show Jumping, and achieved my D badge, which is the first stage badge in Pony Club.
My mum made the following collage of photos.


Awura Ofosu and Emma Foden (Year 5)

Aruwa and Emma  have been going to Stortford Gymnastics and recently achieved their level 5 and 6 badges!

My sporting achievements.  By Grace Mason (Year 6)

One of my best sporting achievements was when I was asked to play at Saracens’ mini tournament for Bishop’s Stortford Rugby Football Club. We played: Barnet, Old Albanians, Old Verulamaians and Harpenden .We won one , drew one and lost two. In these matches I scored seven tries and won five rucks. We even played on Allianz Park (Saracens’ own ground)!

After the games there was a break before we watched Saracens versus Bath in the Premiership. Saracens won.  We got to meet some Saracens first team players.


My other sporting hobby is swimming. I have won 34 medals and four trophies. My favourite pool is the London Aquatic Centre in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. My two most favourite medals are; My hundred metres backstroke long course (50 metre pool) and my 50 metre freestyle.  Both of these medals are important to me because are they are two of my five golds.

Meha (Year 1)

Meha has been attending football training with Dunmow Rhodes football club since September 2015 and has learnt some great skills. It's a fantastic club that is really supportive and encouraging of all. They have separate girls and boys football and participate in tournaments and leagues when children get older. It's a great club and meha is always very excited about going.

William and Erik Dillon

Last Sunday we got our new purple karate belts - I achieved 4th Kyu and Erik 5th Kyu. We do Shotokan karate, and when we started we were on white belts. Then came blue (10th Kyu), red, orange, yellow, green and now purple. There are 2 belts for each colour - first white with a stripe, then the full belt. For purple, there are 4 levels, and I just achieved the highest purple, while Erik is on his first purple, but he is 2 years younger. I am going to try for a 3rd Kyu before Christmas, which is a brown belt! That's the same level as my dad! To get our next belts we have to go to a grading, which is a test made up of the 3 "Ks": Kihon (basics), Kata (formal sequence of movements) and Kumite (sparring - but no sibling sparring is allowed!). Please don't ask us to show you any moves though, as outside 'dojo' we are only allowed to practice karate in self-defense.


Hayden Say (Year 6)

On Saturday night we went to our cricket awards night. I wasn't expecting to receive an award so when my name was called out for the  best bowler for the u12 team I was very shocked but proud. I hope to win again next year.

Harry Gowlett Year 4