Our Curriculum

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At Thorn Grove we following the Primary National Curriculum for England. Although our curriculum is very much skills based we use a wide variety of topics to ensure breadth of coverage and interest areas for all pupils. These documents give a brief overview of topics covered each term in Years 1 to 6 :







Languages are embraced here at Thorn Grove School and are a compulsory element of the primary curriculum in KS2. We teach French as our main focus and aim to show progression over time in listening, conversation, reading and writing, with a specific focus on pronunciation. We use a scheme of work which has been developed in conjunction with local secondary schools to ensure progression and continuity. Thorn Grove hold a ‘Language Day’ every year, where all our children can embrace intercultural experiences and adopt a love of language and culture.




At Thorn grove we want to help all children to develop number sense and to have a secure understanding of the concepts that underpin mathematical thinking. This is often referred to as The Mastery Approach. To find out more, watch theses short videos which will give a taste of some of the strategies we use: No Problem Parent Videos featuring Dr Yeap Ban Har  or view our Maths Parents Evening PowerPoint (January 2018)

The documents below give you an overview of the current maths curriculum. 

Year 1 Curriculum               Year 4 Curriculum

Year 2 Curriculum               Year 5 Curriculum

Year 3 Curriculum               Year 6 Curriculum

Progression in Calculation

Games for KS1

Tens Frames Deck of Cards



Phonics and Early Reading

At Thorn Grove we use phonics to teach reading following "Letters and Sounds" from Nursery onwards. A number of phonics based reading schemes are used including Dandylion, Bug Club, Floppy phonics and Oxford Reading Tree. Children can also choose from books that are banded by difficulty into progressive phases of the phonics curriculum.


The documents below give details about the English curriculum:

Spelling (includes spelling rules and word lists for each year group)

Verb forms ( a helpful explanation of some of the verb forms we teach)

Sentence-non fiction (includes examples of the standard of non-fiction writing expected)

Sentence structure (includes examples of the standard of fiction writing expected)

The links below will take you lists of recommended books for each year group:

Year 1 - recommended books
Year 2 - recommended books

Year 3 - recommended books
Year 4 - recommended books

Year 5 - recommended books



At Thorn Grove we recognise the importance of neat legible handwriting and carefully presented work. Below is an example of the expected handwriting and presentation used by year 5 and 6. Teachers of younger children use age-appropriate presentation codes adapted from these.

Handwriting example.pdf

Presentation Code Y5 and 6 English.pdf

Presentation Code Y5 and 6 Maths.pdf